As one of PSE’s business community partners, ExecSocks offers great discounts for PSE members on their online purchases. Do you want an amazing and sophisticated type of sock that doesn’t break the bank? ExecSocks is for you! We are very much open and willing to generate your desired needs in unique and original socks. We are a subscription-based model where you can personally receive socks delivered to the convenience of your home or office. You can set up a monthly subscription to satisfy whatever sock need you have.

To receive the exclusive PSE member discount, click here: https://execsocks.com/affiliates/pse/  Please use the code PSE25 during checkout, where you will then receive 25% off for the life of your subscription.

Business Ready Socks

What’s Better Than a Fresh Pair of Socks?

Socks With An Attitude


We are looking for campus ambassadors! To learn more email contact@execsocks.com

Please visit our website HERE


Interested in becoming a corporate partner?

Pi Sigma Epsilon has many opportunities to connect Corporate Partners with members. A partnership gives your company the access to exhibit booths at national events, speak at local chapters and many other ways to promote in front of the brightest students in the nation.

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