Noteworthy Nineteen


We are looking for Pi Sigma Epsilon members and alumni that have accomplished something noteworthy in 2019.

  • Whom should I nominate? You should nominate someone who is an established business leader, entrepreneur, community leader or up-and-comer who has blazed a trail in their careers.
  • Why should I nominate someone? This is a chance to honor a peer, mentor or someone you admire. It is also an opportunity to share an inspiring story of success with others. If you know someone who serves as an example to you, this is your chance to help share that person’s story with a larger audience.
  • How are the winners chosen? Winners are selected by a panel of judges comprising of Pi Sigma Epsilon staff, alumni, and leadership, based on review of the nomination forms and any accompanying resumes or letters of support. The judges look to select winners who best represent a cross-section of professions, industry, gender and background. In essence, judges are looking for a compelling story about a business or community leader who has achieved demonstrated success this year.
  • What makes for a strong nomination? The best nominations demonstrate a nominee’s path to success, unique talents and achievements, community involvement, etc. The best nominations are clear, short and complete, providing details that substantiate a nominee’s success.
  • What do judges look for? The judges look for specific examples from the nominee’s professional life or community involvement. They look for examples of accomplishment and upward mobility. It is important to “show” the judges rather than “tell” them. For example, “Chris Smith opened six new stores and provided more than $10,000 in scholarship funds last year to local high school students” rather than “Chris Smith grew the business into the best in the area and has helped many students go to college.” Basically, the judges look for inspiring stories about Pi Sigma Epsilon members who are making a difference in their industries and community.

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Noteable Nineteen
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Looking to Get involved as an Alumni?

Give back to the organization that gave to you! Leverage your unique skills and make an impact on the PSE membership while simultaneously strengthening your abilities and experiences as a leader. Volunteering in any capacity makes a difference; whether it’s local involvement, or nationally with the Pro-Am Sell-a-Thon®, National Awards Program, or Scholarships. We welcome any alumni to come back and share what they’ve learned with collegiate members and we look forward to the impact that you will make!

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