National Speakers Competition

National Speakers Competition

Presented by Enterprise

The Top Speakers Competition showcases the top speaking talent in the Fraternity. It is an opportunity for PSE members to use and develop their public speaking skills. The competition recognizes outstanding student members who have mastered skills in the areas of self-presentation and verbal communication by making a public speaking presentation in a competitive setting. This competition is offered at Regionals and National Convention.


Competitors must register for the competition when they register for the regional conference or National Convention. PSE headquarters staff will verify the intent to compete onsite. The maximum for this competition is twenty competitors. It is on a first come, first serve basis.

Regionals: A chapter may have a total of 3 members enter the Speakers Competition.

Convention: A chapter may have a total of 2 members enter the Speakers Competition.


Regional First Place Award
• Permanent Trophy
• PSE National Convention Registration Packet
• Opportunity to emcee a session at the PSE National Convention

Convention First Place Award
• Permanent Trophy
• $500 prize

Convention Second Place Award
• Permanent Trophy

Presentation Guidelines

Regionals: Regional speaker presentations will be impromptu. At the conference, competitors will receive a notification with their name tag of when and where to pick up their topic and their presentation time.

Convention: Click the link for the 2018 Enterprise Topic Information

Time Limit: Presentations for both Regionals and Nationals must last between 3-5 minutes, with scores being deducted 25% for being either under or over the time limit.

Audience: All participants are invited and welcome to watch the competition. Spectators must be seated at the start of the competition, and will not be allowed to enter or exit the room during the presentations.

Remember, no props or displays allowed in competition. Anyone using props (other than a note card or tablet) will be deducted 25% of the final total score. Speakers may move around the stage, room, etc., but at no times are allowed to TOUCH an audience member or will be penalized 25% of the final total score. Any speaker using foul language or displaying any unacceptable behavior (such as demonstrations containing sexual, violent, drunken, discriminatory, or harassing connotations) will be disqualified.

2018 National Convention Speakers Score Card (downloadable sheet)

Based on original by Dr. Gene Rittenhouse

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