It is widely recognized in the business world today that there are many advantages to having a highly trained, educated, and professional sales force. This can be seen as more and more universities across the nation, such as the University of Washington, create programs to educate students on the techniques, ethics, and principles of sales and sales management. As these programs grow, they look outside their campus for an outlet to network, compete, and share/exchange resources and ideas. It is in this capacity that Pi Sigma Epsilon may be of interest to your program.  In addition, Pi Sigma Epsilon as a fraternity, adheres to a strict Risk Management Policy.

Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE) is the only national co-ed professional fraternity for sales, marketing, and sales management. We currently have over 55 chapters nation wide and with the recent rapid expansion in sales programs around the country we are expanding fast. PSE offers students a national affiliation that has benefits far beyond what a local group would be able to take advantage of by itself. Through PSE, students can gain real world experience while networking with other students and companies from around the country. It is with the corporate partners that we give the biggest advantage. Not only do our partners support students financially through support of national programming and many scholarships, but they provide insight and updates on the latest trends in the industries. Best of all, they hire our members!!

The best example of partners helping students is in our signature event: the Pro-Am Sell-a-Thon®. The primary purpose of the year-long competition is to train and develop students in all aspects of the B2B sales process, not just in preparing them to make one sales call. The year long approach also emphasizes that the pursuit of sales excellence is a journey, not a destination. This is an all day event that we hold at our regional and national levels. Students spend the morning reviewing the selling technique and the b2b sales process. Then, they are paired up with a sales professional who coaches them and helps them prepare for their 10 minute b2b sales call. In 2009 we had 89 people compete at the regional level and over 70 compete at the national level!

Besides the individual competition there are many ways to compete on a group basis as well. Every year there are a number of awards such as Top Sales project, Top Service Project, and more that students compete in to learn how to work as a group. In addition, we give students the opportunity to practice their skills in other related areas like marketing with our business simulation competition and marketing plan/business plan competitions at national convention.

It’s not all about the competitions though, because at our national convention we offer many workshops, speakers, and our marketplace career fair that brings in over 50 companies that attend the convention with the sole purpose of hiring students that very day!

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