The PSE National Educational Foundation recognizes the following individuals belonging to the PSE Legacy Club.  These individuals have generously chosen to support the mission of PSE in fostering sales and marketing education and the encouragement of high scholastic achievement in those fields. Cumulative charitable contributions and commitments will be recognized by the PSE Legacy Club at increasing levels beginning at $5,000.

It is never too soon to prepare a Last Will and Testament and/or Trust Agreement. If you have been thinking about preparing or amending a Will or Trust, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees encourages you to join a growing number of PSE alumni and corporations who have generously taken the necessary steps to include the Foundation in their Wills and/or Trusts. An endowed scholarship in your Company’s name, your name or the name of a loved one is just one way to leave a lasting legacy. Please start today and become a recognized member of PSE’s Legacy Club. If you would like more information sent to you, please contact Joan Rogala at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

PSE NEF Legacy Club Members

Dr. Michael d'Amico

Joe Ashbee

Sarah Baker Andrus

Larry W. Bonds

Deb and Brice Brown

Robb Carlson

Michael Cheatham

Tim and Ann Devine

Brent Fogleman

Rosa Harris


Jeffrey Hayzlett

Tim and Natalie Hyland

Bob Johannsen

David Johnson

David Keeling

Mark E. Khalil

Marvin Loos

Lee Melancon III

Catherine Monson

Cheryl Moss

Dr. GM Naidu

DeeDee Nelson

Dr. Don Norris

Steve Rogers

Paul and Chrissy Schneider

Jeffrey Seering

Dr. Lois Smith

Dr. William Thomas

Tony and Dorothy Whan

Amber and Chris Wooten